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“Well…” Mister Gate touched his chin and suddenly got up. His movements were so fast that, in the time it took to take two breaths, he was back in the pawnshop after suddenly rushing out. When he left, he was empty-handed, but when he returned, there was a big piece of aquamarine-colored jade in his hands. He went up to Hong Dali and dropped the piece of jade onto the ground. Then, his hand was engulfed in black mist and he lightly sliced the jade with a slash of his palm. Another two slashes and a simple jade bowl was made.


“Can you not be so ridiculous?!” Hong Dali was practically pulling his hair out. “I am a prodigal, not a love expert! I don’t even know what to do in a relationship!”


He had managed to pass level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials. His movements were obviously quite fast. When he thrust the sword at Gate, who was ten over meters away, the swords energy was upon Gate in the blink of an eye. A blinding white light sliced the air and slashed down. You could imagine the result of such a slash on the body.


“Eh?” Hong Dali looked down at Luo Qiang, then looked at the great Mister Gate and second greatest Mister Eagle Eye. He bent down and picked up a brick, then sternly said, “The two of you bullied my Brother Luo Qiang last night?!”


“Ah? You like Brother Genius?” Yin Tianzong did not seem to find anything wrong with that. “I like him too! When I meet him, I intend to make him my big brother!”


Before Luo Qiang recovered his senses, the great Mister Gates hit his fist in the air and the entire building shook. The energy sword seemed to have disappeared…

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“Wahahaha!” Mister Gate roared with laughter. His voice was so loud the roof of the pawnshop shook. “I have another family member now. Wahahaha!”


“Haha, Dali Creates Miracles, there’s a logic behind this phrase.” The head worker laughed loudly and said, “My little precious mutters this every day before sleep, this little brat.”


Li Nianwei was clad in super sexy leather. She had on a black jacket, black hot-pants and black high boots which revealed a stretch of snowy white leg. Together with her angelic smile, yes, she was what people described when they talked about angels with the body of a demon.


Looking at the bird in Hong Dalis hands, the Bureau Chief asked curiously, This is


Ling Xiaoyi did not know whether to laugh or to cry. I meant your shop. Is it for sale?


A maximum of ten thousand points. Apart from the audition, in order to be the top few, one has to get at least eight or nine thousand points. This competition is really


Mister Gate was proficient when it came to fighting, but when it came to discussing wines, he simply nodded profusely when he heard something that seemed to make sense. Especially when Hong Dali spoke about “aspire to eat your enemies, laugh and chat while drinking the blood of the Zerg”, it sounded grand and heroic. It felt good to hear it!



Fei Hong looked at the big screen and said in admiration, “He really completed level 30 too. This super-genius is really too strong.”



Saying so, he took out an even larger sword. This sword was ice-blue in color, and its size was comparable to Yin Tianzong himself. As Yin Tianzong looked at this sword, golden light instantly radiated from his eyes. “This… This is… This is the Heavenly Frost Sword! God, this is the reward for level 19! Brother Dali, you, you are really amazing!”


Hong Dali got the great Mister Gate to watch the shop for one hundred and twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars, in addition to their relationship. It was no joke!


“I… I don’t know, either. Hopefully, I won’t be so unlucky.” Jiang Qianxue was so stressed she was close to tears. “I have just started liking him. Is this the end?”

  • But after this situation continued for about 300 years, everything changed completely. Because the genes of female Galaxy Aristocrats weren’t able to become impregnated when fused with the genes of people from other races.
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