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The accessory she pointed at was a shiny little necklace. It was blue like the sea and very pretty. It was also inexpensive at only one hundred and twenty-eight Galaxy Dollars.


Luo Qiang quickly contacted Hong Dali. “Boss, help! A man is asking for five hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars. He wants to pawn a human head, anybody’s head! Boss, please save me. Otherwise, he will kill me—this is not a game, it is life and death…”


On Hong Dalis end, after he returned to the virtual world, at the Galaxy Alliance Centers Savage Rose Tavern, he stretched lazily. Ah, it feels good being able to see my parents! Knowing that they are doing well is good enough. Hahaha! It feels really different!


Both of them chatted for a while and Lan Ruoxi suddenly kicked Hong Weiguo who was quietly smoking beside. “Old man, are you dumb? You only know how to smoke. Why don’t you say something?”


As he spoke, he positioned Qianxue back into her original position and said, smiling, All right, stop crying. Tell Grandpa what is bothering you?


They only dared to whisper softly to each other after they had all left the room. “Look at Miss Qianxue’s expression, do you think she’s in love?””I think so. Look at her face, it’s all pink. That is the color of first love!””Yes, I wonder who is the lucky man who has managed to successfully woo Miss Qianxue. She is so pretty, ordinary men do not deserve her.””That’s true, that’s true. I wonder who is the lucky man?”

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Of course, there would be a shortage of four hundred million. Although he was a prodigal, it should be okay for him to sell something. To avoid accidents, Hong Dali gave a decisive instruction. One for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Sell as many as possibles. It takes up too much space. That was the truth. The armors and gems took up a huge space in the space watch. Hong Dali did not like that.


“Hm…” Hearing this, Old Elder touched his beard, nodded, and said, “What you guys say makes sense too. However, towards this kind of super genius, we can’t slowly search for him in case any complications arise. Let’s do it this way, let the Nine Sha Luo head towards Faerie Star to inquire for some information. Mainly so that we can shrink down on our search area. If it’s only this, I believe the superiors won’t mind. After all, it’s worth it to go to such cost in order to gain such a super genius. If we can really find him, we will have more chances of winning in the Galaxy Genius War. Speaking of which, our Milky Way Galaxy has never entered the top hundred in the Galaxy Genius War before.”


When Jiang Qianxue came out from the room and entered Private Room 10000 where Hong Dali and the others were, Hong Dali took one look at Jiang Qianxue and stroked his chin. He suddenly grinned and said, Eh, Miss Qianxue, you seem different?


He left promptly and returned promptly. In an instant, the Master Appraiser, Brahman, ran over. He shouted as he entered the room, Where is it, where is it? What kind of good items are there?


“This Hong Dali, will he do anything to me in the middle of the night…” Jiang Qianxue pondered for a long time before finally laying on the bed. She was quite tired and soon fell asleep…


God, it cant be?! A warrior who passed level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials! A genius who advanced directly to orange-level Honorary Aristocrat lost just like that?


For this couple, Hong Dali entering the Universe was like a part of their heart had disappeared. They didn’t have the interest or passion to do anything now.



Aiya, Big Bro Dali, dont be so humble. Tianyi quickly cozied up to Hong Dali and smiled. Your shops are sure to profit. Why else would you sell one equipment a day like rubbish? Even if we are Honorary Aristocrats, that couldnt possibly support your squandering ways, right? Thats why you must have something else up your sleeves. How about you share it?



I dont think so. Gate touched his beard and said, My sons are not as capable. Ive heard about the super genius. Fifteen minutes one level, even Im not so fast. They might possibly make it to level twenty-three, twenty-four, or twenty-five. But level thirty, definitely not.


Jiang Qianxue was not present when Hong Dali bought the various armors. When he bought the raw gemstone, Jiang Qianxue had no idea what they were for. She did not think much of it, either. However, when she picked up the armor, she was surprised. “So many high-grade gems?” Saying this, she suddenly thought about the three mysterious women she met at Sauron Auction Center. Now that she looked carefully at Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei and Ling Xiaoyi…


Recently, for the past two days, Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi were staying inside the villa all day and didn’t go anywhere.

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